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Health Benefits of Jumping

Why we do jumping?
Doing so much analysis, research and studies, there are some factors that make jumping so beneficial. They includes:

Lower pressure in cells (caused due to weightless body) helps promote the movement of nutrients
It boosts oxygenation to the cells in the body
Entire body muscles get involved when we jump
G-force gets a boost with regular jumping
Gravitation pulls pushes the toxins out of the body
Lymph flows goes up some 15 to 30 times


Some Popular Health benefits of Jumping
It’s established now that regular jumping provides an array of health benefits. The best thing – such benefits reach to the entire body and delivers overall health.

Helps to Lose your weight
Regular jumping helps you keep away the risks of gaining weight. So, chances of obesity is pushed on the backburner when you jump regularly. Not to forget, it also helps you keep in shape as well.


Increase your White Blood Cells
Jumping can help triple your white blood cells with just 15 minutes of efforts daily. This helps boost the immune system and keeps diseases away for most parts. The increased level of white blood cells will also help those facing autoimmune conditions.

Help to Improve your immunity system
You can jump your way to an improved immunity system. Basically, jumping helps stimulate the lymphatic system and this increases the lymph circulation. Toxins are tackled efficiently when the lymph circulation is boosted. With toxins tackled, the immunity system shows an improvement and keeps you away from those recurring diseases and illnesses.


Instant Dose of Energy
Yes, it’s true! Jumping brings an instant dose of energy to the body. Try jumping for 5-10 minutes and feel the difference. It keeps you more energetic and full of sparks, not for temporarily but for a longer duration. Since jumping boosts circulation of oxygen to cells, more oxygen reaches to your body cells. This is how one gets more energy and feels more energetic.

Helps to normalization Blood pressure
The blood pressure is responsible for a lot of health issues we face. Cardiovascular diseases can strike if the blood pressure is not maintained at its normal level. Jumping helps in the normalization of the blood pressure and this is how the heart is kept healthy. So, you should jump and keep the b. p. level normalised.



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